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Looking for a New Adventure?

PADI SEAL Team is a scuba diving adventure for kids ages 8 and older.  Kids will learn all about scuba diving in the comfort of a pool under the guidance of a PADI Instructor.

PADI Seal Team is made up of 5 parts called Aqua Missions.  Each mission will teach the student different skills that are needed to become a scuba diver.

AquaMission 1 focuses on how to breathe underwater, communicate underwater using hand signals, and how to keep their ears comfortable (equalizing) while diving. 

AquaMission 2 young divers will learn how to equalize their mask, and how to recover and clear water out of their regulator. 

Aqua Mission 3 shows the kids how to get water out of their mask, how to float comfortably on the surface in scuba gear, and how to use an alternate air source (often called an Octopus).  

AquaMission 4 emphasizes buoyancy control underwater, and other ways to recover and replace the regulator back into their mouths. 

Aqua Mission 5 teaches the kids how to snorkel both with and without their scuba gear, how to switch between their snorkel and regulator, and practice everything they have learned.


Project Aware for Kids 8 and Older Alexandria Virginia

During each Aqua Mission the kids will learn new scuba skills and a few scuba rules.  They will play games that reinforce these new skills and rules all while having fun. 

Once the kids have completed all 5 Aqua Missions, they will be certified as a PADI Seal Team member and receive their own Seal Team Card.  But the fun doesn’t end here.  The young divers can sign up for specialty missions.  These Specialty Missions included: Snapshot, Creature ID, Inner Space, and lots more.  After 10 Specialty missions, the kids are certified as Master Seal Team members and receive a new card.

Scuba BSA NCAC Washington Maryland & Virginia

At the time of registration, the student will receive their Seal Team Study kit that includes their workbook and a DVD to watch at home.  All 5 Aqua Missions will be completed in one afternoon at a local pool. 

Sign up for a PADI Seal Team class today and dive into a New Adventure!


Be Prepared to Meet the Challenge!

Scuba & Snorkel Classes for Kids Alexandria & Arlington Virginia

Is your Boy Scout Troop looking for some high adventure? 

Are you planning a trip to Seabase and want to see what Scuba is like? 

Come explore the underwater world and earn the SCUBA BSA patch.

SCUBA BSA is a great way for scouts to try diving.  SCUBA BSA teaches the Scouts, 12 and older, and interested Adult Leaders the beginning scuba skills in the safe environment of a pool under the guidance of a highly trained PADI Instructor.  Scouts will learn how to assemble the scuba equipment, how to breathe underwater using scuba, equalize their ears, and clear their mask underwater.   After the skills are taught, plenty of time is left for fun and games. 

At the conclusion of the pool session, each Scout and Scout Leader will receive a certificate of completion to take back to the troop to qualify for the patch. 

Ready for High Adventure?
Get Certified for Seabase!

Is your Troop interested in a Seabase Scuba Adventure? 

Enroll your interested Scouts and Adult Leaders in the PADI Open Water Course and have everyone certified to dive at camp. Certified divers can participate in several Seabase adventures (Scuba Adventure, Livaboard Dive Adventure) and can even train to become SCUBA Staff at Seabase. 

Boy Scouts Prepare for SeaBase at Aquatic Adventures Alexandria VA Scuba Trips for Kids and Families Aquatic Adventures Northern Virginia Scuba Kids Diving the Caribbean Aquatic Adventures Wash DC

Aquatic Adventures has trained many Scouts for the SCUBA BSA Patch and the PADI Open Water Diver course.  

Call us to schedule your Troop for this underwater challenge.


Adventure Awaits You Underwater!
Girl Scout SCUBA Interest Project Patch

Girl Scouts are you looking for a new adventure?  Are you interested in the undersea world?  Come earn your SCUBA Interest Project Patch (IPP) and explore the world that awaits you underwater!  You can plan a class for your troop today.

SCUBA GSA teaches Scouts the beginning SCUBA skills in the safe environment of a pool under the direct supervision of a PADI instructor.  Scouts will learn how to assemble equipment, clear your mask underwater, equalize your ears and how to breathe underwater using SCUBA equipment.  Once scouts have learned the skills you will be able to practice their skills and play games underwater. 

This introduction to SCUBA is a great way for Girl Scouts, 12 and older, to try diving.  If you are interested in more training, you can take the Open Water Class to become fully certified divers.   Certified divers can dive whenever you have the opportunity and the certification is good for life! 

Aquatic Adventures’ Scuba GSA course includes all the training to qualify for the Girl Scout Interest Project Patch.  Schedule a class and join the ranks of Scouts who have earned this unique award!


Girl Scout IPP Scuba Patch Aquatic Adventures Alexandria VA

Scuba Diving Merit Badge

The newest merit badge for Boy Scouts and Venture Crews is the Scuba Diving Merit Badge.  This exciting Merit Badge involves Scuba Certification and stresses not only good diving but the values 

Scuba Diving Merit Badge Aquatic Adventures Northern Virginia

Aquatic Adventures has trained many kids for both Activity Badges and for the PADI Open Water Diver course.  

Call us to schedule your Troop for this underwater challenge.