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Scuba Diving Mask - Aquatic Adventures Alexandria VAThere are few things that you will appreciate more than a properly fitting scuba mask. We carry a full line of high quality scuba masks made by AERIS, GENESIS, MARES, SHERWOOD and Scuba Pro.    . These masks are constructed of high quality materials providing excellent comfort and fit. We offer many different styles of scuba and snorkeling masks. 

Useful Options
* Optically clear silicone-injected skirt is supple and pliant to insure a comfortable seal.
* Shatterproof tempered glass lenses are distortion free.
* Double flange facial seals are extra wide, enhancing comfort while keeping water out.
* Prescription lenses are available for several models to enhance viewing.
* Side windows for improved peripheral viewing is available on several masks.

A Note on Prescription Scuba Masks: Several masks are available that can be economically fitted with prescription lenses.  The majority of these are designed to correct for distance problems only.  We even keep a selection of these on hand.   We are also able to have custom ground lenses made for a wide variety of masks to correct more severe vision problems.

PLEASE NOTE -  that many masks offered for sale at discount centers and sporting good stores that do not specialize in scuba equipment are not scuba quality and are made of PVC not high grade silicone.  PVC does not hold up as well as silicone and the mask is harder to clear underwater.  We do not recommend PVC masks for scuba diving.

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